More on DokuWiki

DokuWiki is an easy to use free open-source wiki software. It works as an open repository of information created through the contribution of multiple contributors. The difference between DokuWiki and other wiki software is that DokuWiki stores all the data in files rather than operating with a database. The large number of plugins created by the generous contribution of the community members makes DokuWiki a popular solution for both corporate and personal use.

Key features of DokuWiki include

  • Clean and readable syntax
  • Ease of maintenance, backup and integration
  • Built-in Access Control Lists
  • Large variety of extensions
  • Device independent

Why use the Bunnyshell DokuWiki App?

Bunnyshell makes it easy to run DokuWiki in the cloud. The Bunnyshell DokuWiki App is:

  • Constantly updated.With the latest versions released and keeping track of every release.
  • Reliable.Due to the importance we give to the process of identifying the security issues and to the commitment of solving them in a timely manner.
  • Scalable.Ready to be deployed on multiple platforms, Bunnyshell enables you to migrate DokuWiki between different platforms with ease.

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