More on Gitlab

GitLab is an open-source cloud-based repository manager allowing teams to collaborate efficiently on writing code. It’s the first single application built from scratch which integrates the concurrently work of all teams involved in the DevOps flow: Product, Development, QA, Security and Operations. GitLab provides powerful planning tools to keep all inputs synchronized even when dealing with complex processes and projects.

Key features of Gitlab include

  • Built-in continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD)
  • Resourceful Web Editor
  • Issue board which allows a better visibility and management of the projects

Why use the Bunnyshell Gitlab App?

Bunnyshell makes it easy to run Gitlab in the cloud. The Bunnyshell Gitlab App is:

  • Constantly updated.With the latest versions released and keeping track of every release.
  • Reliable.Due to the importance we give to the process of identifying the security issues and to the commitment of solving them in a timely manner.
  • Scalable.Ready to be deployed on multiple platforms, Bunnyshell enables you to migrate Gitlab between different platforms with ease.

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