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Gitlab Runner

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GitLab Runner, a significant part of the GitLab cluster is an open-source project which allows running jobs and then sending the results back to GitLab. It is used together with another free open-source GitLab component - its continuous integration service.

Key features of Gitlab Runner include
  • Autoscaling
  • Running multiple jobs concurrently
  • Customization of the job running environment
  • Automatic configuration reloading without restart
  • Easy installation as a service for GNU/Linux, OSX and Windows
Why use the Bunnyshell Gitlab Runner App?

Bunnyshell makes it easy to run Gitlab Runner in the cloud. The Bunnyshell Gitlab Runner App is:

  • Constantly updated.

    With the latest versions released and keeping track of every release.

  • Reliable.

    Due to the importance we give to the process of identifying the security issues and to the commitment of solving them in a timely manner.

  • Scalable.

    Ready to be deployed on multiple platforms, Bunnyshell enables you to migrate Gitlab Runner between different platforms with ease.

Everything automated. Just like you always thought it should be.

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