Meet Cristian, our Chief Growth Officer who wants to make Bunnyshell the household name for DevOps automation

Meet Cristian, our Chief Growth Officer who wants to make Bunnyshell the household name for DevOps automation

We have a very ambitious vision: take over the tech industry and become one of the best environment as a service platform on the market. But vision without action is just a dream, and to take action, we need a great team.

We’re very happy and fortunate to have Cristi on our side as he has extensive knowledge of making a startup global. Cristian, welcome to our team!

Q: Tell us a bit about your previous experience and the achievements you’re most proud of.

I’ve started my career in HR consultancy and, soon after that, I became an HR Manager in one of the biggest companies for organic agriculture. After this experience, I’ve launched my first startup in Recruitment. But what I’m really proud of, though, is my work at Fashion Days, where I’ve seen this project grow from an idea to an organization present in 12 countries with more than 800 employees. It was an amazing experience but also a challenging one. There, I’ve learned that the team and organizational culture matter most.


Q: You’ve co-founded Fashion Days and Soundmix Live. What made you choose Bunnyshell as your next project? What do you find most attractive about this product?

I feel comfortable in the unpredictable environment of startups. There’s always room for growth, change, improvements, and fast decision-making. I chose Bunnyshell because it’s a great project with a global expansion, but, most importantly, I decided to join the team here. I’ve worked with part of the team in the past, and knowing one of the co-founders was a plus. Once again, the team makes a difference.


Q: Do you think Bunnyshell is a revolutionary product? Why?

Yes! Even now, it’s not that obvious that Bunnyshell is running in the front line of startups, developing an environment as a service platform and targeting the global market with a high growth rate. Sooner rather than later, however, Bunnyshell will be the household name for DevOps when it comes to creating and maintaining app environments.


Q: What are your growth plans for Bunnyshell? What do you most want to achieve?

The plan is to achieve a higher growth rate and international expansion. It’s a big challenge, but this makes everything cool. Also, it’s important for me to create an organizational culture centered around the happiness of achieving great results and challenging the status quo.


Q: What can Bunnyshell’s users expect going forward? What is your long-term perspective?

They can expect to work with the best environment as a service platform and, in the long run, to be proud that they were early adopters of Bunnyshell.


Q: How do you think your previous experience will help you achieve this?

I have experience growing startups and creating an organizational culture, which are key to building the scalable core of a business and facing growing challenges.


Q: What are your core values?

My personal core values are bold vision, fairness, and loyalty. I do believe in understanding metrics and continuous improvement of what you deliver by going the extra mile. These values helped me during my whole career and supported my performance.


Q: What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome to grow a business?

The biggest challenges are always related to understanding the real needs of your customers, how to make them happy with the product you are developing, and building a great culture within the team to do that.


Q: What is great leadership to you?

Great leadership inspires people to become aware of their inner power, happier by overcoming their limits, and kinder with each other.