Bunnyshell reaches 1,000 customers

Bunnyshell reaches 1,000 customers

We’re so excited to share that we’ve reached our first 1000 customers!

This one’s a major milestone in Bunnyshell’s lifecycle, and for our team as well. It gives us confidence that we’re on track, and that we’re building a product that brings true value to people’s lives.

Of course, we couldn’t have done it without you. Your feedback and support have been invaluable in our journey to empower organizations to build what’s next. We’re honored to have truly found our place in the industry but aren’t planning on stopping anytime soon. 

As we come out of our product-market-fit research, we’re well on our way to maturity, but still learning. We’re so honored to continue working together with our customers on making Bunnyshell the best product it can be. 

For us, what this milestone really proves is that we’re on the right track. The first 1000 users are key: we’ve learned a lot about our product, our customer persona, sales cycle, product development, product priorities, and team development.

Our results with clients have shown that we’re exactly where we need to be. And along with finding our product-market-fit, we’ve also found ourselves. Our team is growing, maturing, setting goals, and exceeding expectations. 

In addition to working with mostly SaaS and eCommerce customers, we’ve recently even had some interest from SMBs and Enterprise businesses. And we’re so excited for what comes next. 

We’re looking at a few months of user research, listening to and learning even more from our customers. As we gain insights into how we can improve our product, from a functional and UX point of view, we also recognize the importance and relevance of Developer Experience. We’re committed to continuing to bring real value to real users. 

We’d like to share some thoughts from our team. Because Bunnyshell is more than just a tool that simplifies cloud experiences. Bunnyshell is a passionate team that cares about creating products that empower organizations to grow and deliver better software, faster.

“Growing a SaaS company is definitely a challenging journey. We’ve spent the past months testing and improving the technology behind the Bunnyshell platform. We’ve also worked intensely on measuring and understanding the product market-fit, and now that we’ve identified it, the team is working full speed on getting in as much customer feedback as possible. 

We’re on the same mission of bringing as much value to every end-user, regardless of their technical skills. We’re now a bigger, more mature team, and we’re continuously growing. We have a full roadmap ahead, and a lot of feature requests from our customers which leads us to believe that there’s a real need on the international market for a cloud management and automation platform”

Alin Dobra, Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

We’re fullyenhancing functionality, UX and primarily Developer Experience(DX). For the past months we’ve understood that Bunnyshell brings value to every developer in the world. As we work on the product and discuss with our customers, we discover that there are more use cases for our product than we’ve ever imagined. This is a clear indicator for us that we’re on the right track

Silviu Croitoru, Chief Product Officer.

There is no school in the world that can teach you what to do when you get hired in a startup that found a need. There is always something to do, but the best part is that it’s still fresh. Helping users achieve their individual goals made us fall in love with our customers. As we are pushed to understand the multitude of use cases and how to implement them as fast as possible, we’re also focusing on building the architecture for world-class support.  

Building support, I take it as a challenge, but I can also say that I’m grateful to be part of this fantastic adventure. It’s a clear example of what happens when an amazing team with an amazing product meets with amazing customers with a genuine interest in our product. Starting from the original idea, now I think we have a direct ticket to cloud democratization

Diana Albu, Chief Operations Officer. 

Thank you for being part of our story! We can’t wait to show you our next chapter. 

The Bunnyshell Team