Introducing the new and improved Bunnyshell

Introducing the new and improved Bunnyshell

The updated Bunnyshell is here and we want to share with you our journey, from idea, to investment, to nowadays. Read on to find out what this update brings for you and for future users of Bunnyshell. We’ll even share a sneak peek into what’s next!

How Bunnyshell came to be

Bunnyshell’s story starts like most successful SaaS stories: there was a need to solve and no product to solve it on the market. While some cloud providers offer their own managed services, they are too basic, and users often end up right where they started: managing applications on their own, performing repetitive tasks, and scaling manually. 

We’ve been there, managing Redis, MySQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch and many more on AWS, Azure and GCP, all while trying to run a successful business. We created Bunnyshell to help you focus on growing your business, instead of coding, deploying, and figuring out every hidden bug. Less coding, more action.

In the beginning, Bunnyshell was created as a DevOps platform to manage infrastructure. As we built the product, we started talking about Bunnyshell and our plans to anyone and everyone who would listen: friends, ex-colleagues, everyone from the IT community with whom we've ever interacted. We asked our network to introduce us to their network and were constantly asking for and receiving feedback.

Right from launch, we had clients that trusted and helped us with feedback, which we then used to improve the platform as time went by.

Last year, we received a ~$1M investment which made us realize that it’s time for a better Bunnyshell. We wanted to help our users manage a fast-growing company and a highly complex infrastructure as easily as you manage WordPress.

This update came naturally, as the next step in our journey. Once we found our product-market-fit and took into account our users’ needs, we knew that it was time to show the world our new and improved experience. Thanks to your feedback, and after a few months of hard work, the new Bunnyshell is here. 

Our mission to be the Cloud’s 2nd generation, from an application perspective and not just from an infrastructure perspective. Our goal is to optimize your entire configuration based on real-time collected data, and to automatically update that configuration so that you never have to worry about messing something up. So that you can simply spend time growing your business.

Alin Dobra, CEO Bunnyshell


In this article, we are going to show you:

  • What’s new with this update
  • How it’s going to impact current and future users
  • What’s next for Bunnyshell

What’s new with this update

Here at Bunnyshell, we believe that change is necessary in order to grow. That’s why we’ve decided to improve our platform by taking into account your feedback, your needs and everything you wanted to see in the new and improved Bunnyshell. 

We’ve added new features and improved existing ones. We’ve also enhanced our UX and UI experience, so that you can seamlessly enjoy everything that Bunnyshell has to offer.

New features


Our Site Reliability Robot instantly detects server conflicts and their root cause through in-depth insights that show specific course of action. Its powerful self-healing feature lets it improve key metrics that matter for your business by fixing anomalies and preventing deficiencies. All this helps you avoid downtime caused by bugs, system problems, and other issues. 

Restart Services

When you need to restart your services like nginx/ apache/ mysql you can do this now directly from Bunnyshell’s dashboard instead of connecting through ssh on your server.  

If you want to activate the self-healing feature, you can go to the Virtual Machines/WebServers and click on the Services tab. 


We’ve now introduced logs to make it easier for you to spot bugs and help you with the debugging process. 


Since there were a lot of great features already available on Bunnyshell, we focused on improving them to make it easier for you to use. 


We’ve made Autoscaling available for everyone, as part of Webservers, so you can worry less about downtime and focus more on growth.  

One-click apps

With this update, we’ve created a new way for you to install one-click applications. Faster, easier, better!

User-friendly dashboard 

With all these updates, we haven’t forgotten about your experience on the platform. Instead of sacrificing UX and UI for technical updates, we’ve focused on making the platform even more user-friendly. 

The dashboard now contains new entities that are more intuitive:



Managed WebServers

Managed Virtual Machines

You might be wondering how these changes are going to impact the way you use Bunnyshell right now. Thanks to you, Bunnyshell now offers: 

  • Better user experience
  • Better onboarding
  • Better support
  • More intuitive UI

You just focus on creating amazing apps, growing your business, and accomplishing your goals. We’ll take care of the rest!

What’s next for Bunnyshell

Everyone loves surprises, but they’re not always great when we’re talking about the cloud. That’s why we like to keep our users up to date. Here’s a sneak peek into what’s next from the Bunnyshell team. 

Including your feedback in every update

We’ll continue to listen to and implement feedback from you and all of our users. This platform is made for you, so you should have a say when it comes to new features, infrastructure and UX of the platform. 

A public roadmap

This is a democracy, so we’ve created a roadmap for you to see what is next for Bunnyshell. New features can be voted by users, to make sure they really have an impact on our work and the end result. 

We don’t want to make changes just for the sake of having something new. Instead, we want every feature to be relevant and to help you achieve your goals. 

The Bunnyshell Slack Community

We’ll soon be launching our own Slack Community, where we can stay connected, listen to your feedback, and offer better support for urgent matters. Bunnyshell’s future seems bright, but only if we have you by our side! 

Delivering an exceptional product is not an easy task, and we know that we still need your feedback to help us in our mission to build a product that you would want, need, and love.

We want to thank every single one of our users for adopting and using Bunnyshell. For those future users out there, we’re waiting for you with our open hearts and servers.