[Updated] Is 2020 going to be the year of DevOps?

[Updated] Is 2020 going to be the year of DevOps?

Experts say YES. Next year, DevOps is going mainstream.

DevOps culture started to shape the world of software a few years ago, when business challenges pushed delivery to next level. Since then, many business organisations have adopted DevOps in their processes and the number of adopters is steadily increasing.

So, let’s see,  what’s next year preparing for the DevOps world in terms of progress. And how can Bunnyshell help you stay ahead of the competition, in 2020 and forever after?

1. Automation as a must

Automation is such a vital part of DevOps, as it enables companies to be more efficient. More automated processes means more time to focus on important things that need to be fixed or upgraded. In 2020, automation in all DevOps tasks, is the key for staying ahead of the competition . And now you can do it all with the least headaches possible. Because, withBunnyshell,you have everything automated, from code to production.

2.  Security as a priority

There is a huge need to keep an eye on security. As the latest reports of data breaches around the world have shown.

Bunnyshell makers had taken this aspect very seriously. So, they placed integration of data security protocol as a first priority. The platform is secure by design. All sensitive data is stored in an encryption hardware service, all ports are blocked by default, security patches and firewalls are automatically applied to all servers and also users can generate SSL certificates with one-click.

3. Infrastructure as a Service

The infrastructure as a service model will also grow in 2020. More and more firms will choose IaaS and cloud based services for their businesses as a cost saving strategy.

But IaaS is not just about savings, it is first about the ability to scale up or down quickly. Which results in agility to respond to the ever changing opportunities and requirements, high availability which also means quick recovery with no data loss and faster time to market. All this to enable you to focus on business growth.

4. Continuous Delivery as a demand

The adoption of multi-cloud architecture strategy is coming hand in hand with the continuous delivery approach and use of container-related technologies. The Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery chain will attract Continuous Deployment (we will be detailing all these terms in another article). All this needs to be accomplished with zero downtime, so be careful when adopting the right strategy for your company.

Bunnyshell comes as a solution to the CI/CD culture by enabling you to easily set up your pipeline and choose, with one click, the deployment strategy that fits you best: all at once, rolling, rolling with additional batches, immutable or Blue Green. Don’t worry, if none of the listed strategies  matches your options, you can customize your deployment process using Bunnyconfig. Try Bunnyconfig here

5. New tools as a need

The tools can’t be ignored.

In the digital era, DevOps is becoming the norm for how enterprises approach change management. With that in mind, and with the desire of continuous success and evolution, DevOps oriented companies need to adopt new tools that support the pipeline from start to finish.

DevOps is a cycle that can be completed with Bunnyshell.  From code to production.

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