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Cloud Computing Services: The Right Choice for E-Commerce Businesses

Companies are starting to pay even more attention to data security. GDPR compliance, data breaches, and hackers are just some of the issues related to data security. Knowing this, businesses are trying to find a better alternative to in-house servers that are no longer secure.

If you are an online shop owner, you probably know what cloud computing services and VPS do. And if you are like most businesses, you are now interested in growing your business and in concrete changes. More and more businesses are moving their workload on the cloud and it is estimated that by 2020, 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud.

In this article, you will learn about:

  1. The difference between cloud and VPS;
  2. The main advantages of using cloud computing services;
  3. The types of businesses can benefit more from cloud migration.

Before stating all the facts, let’s see what cloud computing and VPS are. Everybody has an idea of what the cloud does and why VPS are used. But, most people don’t know a lot of details about them.

What is the difference between cloud computing and VPS?

You shouldn’t look at VPS and cloud as opposites. Both of these services try to meet the same demands. Although there are some differences between these services. 

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services such as networking, storage, and analytics over the Internet. These services offer businesses the possibility to store data, share it with their clients, and keep everything secure and in one place. Unlike physical servers, the cloud can sustain a larger amount of information and users can change data or add anytime they need.

VPS or Virtual Private Servers are virtual machines sold by Internet hosting services. They have their own copy of OS (operating system). Also, the virtual private server is divided into smaller private servers. It has certain allocated resources (number of users, memory, and storage space). 

A virtual private server is safe to use by business. However, it comes with certain disadvantages such as manual update.

ecommerceWhat are the main advantages of using cloud computing services?

1. Cost efficiency

For e-commerce businesses, cloud computing services are far less expensive than a VPS. First off, you only pay for what you use. After you select the right plan for your business, you can downgrade or upgrade to meet the storage requirements of your workload. So, instead of paying for something you don’t use, why not invest it back into the business?

2. Storage Space

Storage space is almost unlimited on the cloud. You need to add another 50MB? No problem! Since the VPS comes with a maximum storage space that you need to update it manually, a cloud service is better for e-commerce businesses because they need storage space. One of our clients at Bunnyshell wanted to migrate his e-commerce store to Magento 2 and feared it would take too long and that some of the information might be lost. However, the process was easy. All the data was migrated and it is now safe and sound in the cloud.

cloud computing services ecommerce

3. Disaster Recovery

If a disaster strikes, you won’t lose any of your data if it’s stored in the cloud. There is always an encrypted copy that you can access. However, be careful,  taking advantage of this benefit of cloud computing, requires a well thought out architecture design

The VPS it’s risky when it comes to disaster recovery. You put the reputation of the website at risk when you use a VPS. Using a cloud provider can help you recover data and have the business up and running in no time.

4. Automatic Software Integration

Most cloud services offer you automatic software integration. Once the cloud account is set up, you don’t need to integrate the applications. However, if you like, you can customize the apps as you prefer.

Businesses that use Bunnyshell can see the whole infrastructure of the cloud and change environments, deploy apps, and add users easily, even if they use multiple cloud providers.

cloud computing services

5. Accessibility

The files that are shared can be accessed by every user. Most cloud computing services are easy to use. Also, the information from the cloud can be accessed from anywhere in the world and on any device as long as there is an Internet connection.

6. Scalability

You just hired a new marketing intern for your e-commerce business? No problem, you can add as many users as you like. Cloud services offer you scalability. You can choose a different plan, downgrade or upgrade the plan you selected first. The best part about cloud computing is that you pay only for what you use. In comparison, it’s harder to add more users on the VPS as it needs to be manually configured.


7. High level of security

This is one of the most important features of this service. Since cloud computing services rely on data encryption, all of your files will be safe and sound. For large businesses, it’s important to have a safe storage space that they can access anytime.

8. Easy to use

Migrating to the cloud is not a complicated process, especially if you use a service like as Bunnyshell. You will be able to integrate or create your cloud infrastructure (AWS, DigitalOcean, Azure) with a few simple steps. Also, if you encounter any technical problem, it can be solved in a matter of minutes.

9. No internet speed problems

Depending on your hosting provider, VPS might encounter problems when it comes to the internet speed and there are lots of reasons that can slow down your website. Using all your RAM resources, high traffic not supported by your server’s CPU or wrong choice of your server location, makes your customers unable to shop from you.

When using a cloud computing service, you don’t have to worry about the internet speed. Your online shop is going to run smoothly and your customers will be able to shop!

cloud computing services ecommerceWhat types of businesses can benefit from using cloud computing services?

VPS have been a secure and easy-to-implement solution for most businesses but it is more expensive than a cloud service and it is not scalable because of server limitations. If you want to be ahead of your competition, the cloud is the future. Any type of business can use the cloud to store files. Despite this fact, there are certain businesses that can benefit from this type of service.

  • Financial services and banks can store data of their clients in a safe place that can be accessed anytime they need to make changes in the contract, bill or send important information to the client.
  • Streaming services like Netflix are a top candidate for cloud services. They switched to the cloud because they were experiencing technical errors and needed more storage space.
  • E-commerce platforms gather a lot of confidential data that need to be kept secure. Apart from storage space, this type of business needs flexibility and scalability which can only be offered by the cloud. Etsy, an e-commerce site specialized in homemade goods, turned to cloud providers because they needed to analyze over 1 terabyte of data per day. With this amount of information, using the cloud is the only solution for e-commerce platforms.


  • IT and tech companies can also benefit from using a cloud service. Since the IT sector is the one that hires the most employees, every IT company needs scalability from their storage solution. The best example of a company that switched to the cloud is Apple. For the release of Siri was used cloud computing. The questions people ask Siri are transferred to the cloud. Then the answers come right back from the cloud into the speakers of the iPhone.

There are many other industries like healthcare, real-estate, and the legal sector that can use the cloud as their main data storage solution. However, e-commerce platforms are the ones that can benefit the most from using a cloud computing service.

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