How to deploy Jenkins in Azure with Bunnyshell

By ana.dragu

Jenkins is a Java-based open source continuous integration tool that delivers continuous integration services for software development. It is a server-based system running in a servlet container. The system also has hundreds of plugins, making it easy for developers to integrate the tool and enjoy CI/CD. Its plugin architecture also ushers infinite possibilities for software development.

This tutorial will show you how to deploy Jenkins in Azure by using Bunnyshell, the best tool to manage your technology stack on multiple cloud service providers.

Because Bunnyshell has the same interface for all providers, deploying Jenkins in Azure is similar to deploying it on AWS or Digital Ocean. Let’s see what you have to do.  

How to deploy Jenkins in Azure with Bunnyshell:

Step 1:  After you logged into your Bunnyshell account, go to the Dashboard. On the left side of the page, you will see the main menu. There you have your managing panel and you can find the environments, the resources and the one-click apps like Redmine, phpBB or GitLab Runner.

deploy install cloud

Step 2: Look for RESOURCES and click on One-Click Apps.

deploy jenkins

Step 3: Once you got to the One-Click Apps, select the one you need. If you can’t find it, feel free to use the search bar. After that click on Jenkins and you will be redirected to its page.

jenkins deploy

Step 4: Check out the key features of the app and read the info and the requirements. Launch the app in the cloud, once you are done.

jenkins cloud deploy

Step 5: Now you will have to fill in the required info. Give your app a name, choose a location, a virtual network and a server size.

deploy jenkins

Step 6: Next, you need to look at the bottom of the page. There you can see Java, the package requirements for Jenkins. 

jenkins deploy

Step 7: Once you are done, all you have to do is to click on DEPLOY. Then you will be redirected to a page where you can see that Jenkins is deploying. Click on View logs and see how the app is deployed.

jenkins deploy cloud bunnyshell

Your job is done. The app is deploying! All you can do is wait a few moments until the process is completed. Once you receive the notification via email and in the Bunnyshell app, you can start to use Jenkins safely. 

See, it is very easy to deploy Jenkins in Azure with Bunnyshell!

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