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We provide ready-to-launch, performance-optimized cloud infrastructure solutions for ecommerces of all sizes. So, whether you are running a small Woocommerce or a huge Magento store, we got you covered. Install any of the supported ecommerce platforms and tools with one click in any of the most popular clouds.

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Fast-as-lightning Site Speed

Slow loading times affect search engine rankings and turn your customers away. Bunnyshell fine tunes your servers for production performance and enables you to choose your servers location depending on the geography of your traffic. The auto-scale function ensures your site loads quickly, even in times of traffic spikes.

99.9% Availability

You cannot afford to lose business because your website is offline. With Bunnyshell, you can deploy software updates with one click, without downtime. And automatically increase your systems capacity when traffic increases. With everything automated, manual prone-to-error tasks are also eliminated and downtime is avoided at all costs.

Security first

There are all sorts of security threats faced by eCommerce sites and the visitors who use them: hacking, DDoS, infection, ransomware, data theft – and the list goes on. We automatically prevent intrusion, block viruses, secure and back up your data so you never have to worry about security threats. Manage your passwords, keys easily and securely. Get access to full logs of all infrastructure changes.

Cost reduction

For most ecommerce companies, undertaking the management of their infrastructure requires in-house expertise and employing additional staff. With everything automated, much of the work of your IT/OPS team is already handled by Bunnyshell. So, even if you have IT staff employed, you can free up most of their time for innovation and developing better experiences for your visitors and customers. While Bunnyshell maintains your highly performant servers and applications.

Migrate your Ecommerce Store for Free

We perform the migration from your current provider for you. So, you don’t have to worry about possible issues or technical details. Free migrations are provided for most websites, depending on the size and complexity.

Get in touch with one of our experts today to discuss the specifics for your store.

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Manage all infrastructure workloads easily, in one intuitive platform:

  • Easy server setup: a few clicks to create single, load balanced or cluster environments
  • Automatic provisioning: one click install/uninstall/update any package
  • Performant ecommerce servers, already optimized and configured for production
  • Automated system and application monitoring & alarms
  • Security first approach: secrets management, firewalls, patching
  • One click deployments
  • Automated backups
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 24/7 Expert support




FREE migrate your ecommerce to the cloud.
No maintenance head-aches.

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  • ecommerce scalability

    Performance & Scalability

  • lock100


  • uptime100


  • flexibility100


ecommerce scalability


  • Finely tuned web servers and databases for high performance
  • Operating system is already configured for production environments


  • Quickly scale during big sale seasons when the traffic spikes
  • Load balance your traffic to maximize throughput and minimize response times


  • Dedicated cloud firewall with specific rules for each application
  • IP whitelisting for authentication, databases or internal services
  • Packages are kept up to date
  • Restricted authentication: SSH only
  • Packages such as databases and web servers are protected from attacks
  • Automatic audit logs documenting all changes to your infrastructure and applications


  • No “snowflake” servers. Everything is fully automated without manual intervention that can lead to failures
  • Use web server load balancing to ensure data recovery following a disaster and business continuity even with a high volume of traffic.


  • Configure your packages with a few clicks
  • Clone your environment and test with different configuration or packages
  • Migrate to different clouds with equivalent resources with one click

As a fast growing SaaS company, we needed to be able to deploy code updates frequently and easily and have a highly available, scalable and safe infrastructure. Bunnyshell helps us accomplish just that, and we don’t even have a sys-admin or cloud specialist in our team!


Alex Circei

CEO, Waydev

With Bunnyshell we managed to migrate the entire infrastructure from AWS to Azure in one week instead of 4 months, what we initially estimated it would take us.


Sorin Dumitrescu

CTO, Omniconvert

Bunnyshell is a mix between simplicity and power. As a developer with experience in AWS, I find it great to be able to have one flow for multiple clouds and have the operations for all my clients in one intuitive, easy to use platform.


Vasile Darie


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