Fast, secure and scalable systems for your ecommerce’s hyper growth

Get instant access to the infrastructure your ever growing ecommerce store requires, without needing cloud expertise in your team. Everything is already managed, automated and optimized for ecommerce production in one intuitive, agnostic platform.

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Cloud, technology, platform agnostic

We provide ready-to-launch, performance-optimized cloud infrastructure solutions for ecommerces of all sizes. So whether you are running a small Woocommerce or a huge Magento store, we got you covered. Install any of the supported ecommerce platforms and tools with one click in any of the most popular clouds.

Fast-as-lightning Site Speed

Slow loading times affect search engine rankings and turn your customers away. bunnyshell fine tunes your servers for production performance and enables you to choose your servers location depending on the geography of your traffic. The auto-scale function ensures your site loads quickly, even in times of traffic spikes.

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99.9% Availability

You cannot afford to lose business because your website is offline. With bunnyshell, you can deploy software updates for your ecommerce with one click and without downtime, and automatically increase your systems capacity when traffic increases. With everything automated, manual prone-to-error tasks are also eliminated and downtime is avoided at all costs.

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Security first

There are all sorts of security threats faced by eCommerce sites and the visitors who use them: hacking, DDoS, infection, ransomware, data theft – and the list goes on. We automatically prevent intrusion, block viruses, secure and back up your data so you never have to worry about security threats. Manage your passwords, keys easily and securely and get access to full logs of all infrastructure changes.

Cost reduction

For most ecommerce companies, undertaking the management of their infrastructure requires in-house expertise and employing additional staff. With everything automated, much of the work of your IT/OPS team is already handled by bunnyshell, so even if you have IT staff employed, you can free up most of their time for innovation and developing better experiences for your visitors and customers, while bunnyshell maintains your highly performant servers and applications.

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Our Customers, Our Success

Innovative Platform for Online-First Companies

Monitoring & Alerting

Keep track and stay updated at all times. No more running out of CPU power or server space. Intuitive and simple interface with real-time monitoring, alerts that keep you on top of things and powerful analytics capabilities.

  • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring
  • Personalized alerts and notifications
  • More than 5000 monitored metrics
  • 0 configuration and maintenance needed

Bunnyshell Auto Scaling

Bunnyshell Auto Scaling monitors your applications and automatically adjusts capacity to maintain steady, predictable performance at the lowest possible cost.

The service provides a simple, powerful user interface that lets you build scaling plans for resources on any cloud.

Smart Self-Healing servers

With all features needed for system monitoring and error recovery. It's like having a watchdog with a toolbox on your server.

Tools for your Team

Everything that your team want: Multiple types of one click deployments (all-at-once, rolling, imutable), automated provisioning, clone servers, log aggregation, enhaced monitoring, organization account

Your website performance on auto-pilot

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