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Our Commitment Towards Our Customers and Communities During COVID-19

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We know how important
your site's performance, uptime,
and availability are

With the COVID-19 pandemic (and its economic effects) quickly evolving, there’s a lot of disruption around the world right now.

The cloud continues to transform connectivity between people and businesses on a global scale: from the speed of modern business to the rapid response to COVID-19 enabling millions of people to work remotely.t’s hard to imagine a world without cloud technology.

But technology requires specific knowledge to implement, which is not the case for most businesses right now. That’s why we’d like to give them a cutting-edge survival advantage.

Nearly 100% uptime

We understand that you can’t afford to lose business because your website is offline.

With bunnyshell you can deploy software updates for your websites with one click, with no downtime, and automatically increase your system’s capacity if your traffic spikes.

Since all processes are automated, manual prone-to-error tasks are also eliminated and downtime is avoided at all costs.

Our commitment


For all the SME that have been economically affected by the virus, we aid their recovery and evolution with:

  • Free Cloud Migration
  • And 50% discount for the next 12 months

Against Covid-19

To all Medical, NGO’s and Educational companies that are working to find a solution to the COVID-19 virus, we’re offering a FREE 6 month subscription, so they can accelerate their development.

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