Are you ready for Black Friday?

A website’s downtime forces their customers
to spend their money elsewhere.

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More than 1500 eCommerce survived
Black Friday, with Bunnyshell’s help.

Black Friday is the pinnacle of online sales.

How to prepare for Black Friday

Understand your current context.

Before beginning to prepare for Black Friday, there are certain aspects that need to be handled.

  • Risk analysis - Identify the probability and impact of various risks to the project, including operational, technical, business, and time factors.
  • Architectural change plan - Identify where the system could be modified to support higher scale than during normal operations.
  • Testing plan - Evaluate the system at levels above expected traffic and evaluate common failure test scenarios.
  • Communications plan - Keep communications between all stakeholders consistent.

Preparation Stage

The objective of the preparation stage is to test the system's ability resist for peak user traffic and to document the results.

Everything starts with existing measurement data (requests/sec, orders/min, cart adds/sec). The goal is to determine what data is available and what insights the metrics are being provided.

You can stress test for:

  • Load and performance test at 100 percent or more of peak traffic.
  • Test the velocity from normal traffic to peak traffic.
  • Test customer journeys under load.
  • Test for different load mixes: Test mobile versus desktop, geographical distribution of origins, transaction types, and so on, because they can stress different parts of the system.

Increase Reliability and Uptime

At high peaks the infrastructure needs extra resources and to evenly-split the traffic between them.

Setting an Auto-scaling and a Load Balancer to achieve maximum performance is a must.

With Bunnyshell, you get Reliability and Uptime during Black Friday

1. Preparation

Analyzing current infrastructure allows the discovery of dependencies that are recurringly hidden.

Post discovery, creating a staging environment with all the files uploaded, will allow the possibility for testing.

2. Stress Testing

Stress testing your infrastructure checks if everything is configured properly.

Sending traffic to all website pages discovers possible downtime errors and performs a fine-tuning operation on them.

3. Infrastructure Optimisation

After eliminating all the infrastructure bugs, the focus is to increase the infrastructure’s performance.

An in-depth dive in all the important metrics with the sole purpose to optimize your infrastructure.

4. Improve Scalability

Autoscaling and Load-Balancing allows a constant uptime, regardless of the traffic volume.

Creating rules for scaling, based on potential expected traffic, ensures enough resources to cover any situation.

Start Early.
Prepare for Black Friday.

With 2 months before Black Friday, there is enought time to prepare. Make your website “uncrashable” and get uptime & availability.

In 2019, our customers
achieved 100% uptime on Black Friday.

Gabi Udrescu

Gabi Udrescu

Product Owner at BestValue

"Black Friday is a major event in the eCommerce industry.
The team will work for an entire year for a day of crazy sales. Nothing matters more during this time than 100% uptime and having any kind of hiccups has no excuses.

Black Friday 2019 was a blast for BestValue and our success was also ensured by the collaboration we have with Bunnyshell.

They helped us do a proper stress test and discover early what are the improvements we need to make so we can have 100% uptime.

Their platform allowed us to easily scale horizontally and monitor the performance of our complex cluster of applications.

We remember Blackfriday 2019 as the night when we were in the office, having pizza and watching our dashboards tell us in real time how we are doing. Pizza and carrot cake, of course. "

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