Launch and Manage servers

 When complexity is reduced to a minimum, you win time, agility and edge.

Easily launch and manage servers in cloud through a single, intuitive interface for most popular clouds: AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud Platform.

  • One click to create single, cluster or load balanced environments
  • Scale horizontally or vertically based on your needs with one click
  • Choose from multiple IaaS providers and server locations (more than 70 global data-centers)
  • Easy management of disks, certificates, keys and other resources (all in one place)
  • All servers are automatically monitored, backed up and secured
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Save valuable time and end provisioning rework once and for all.

One click install for most common packages and services like Apache, Nginx, Redis, Mysql, Php, Java. Apply production ready configs, and reuse them anytime, on unlimited servers. 

With best practices built-in and everything automated, the time you allocate for provisioning will decrease from days to minutes, saving you and your team valuable resources otherwise lost on fixing errors or inefficient rework.


Deploy your application to any supported cloud, on one or multiple servers, with one click and zero downtime, in under a few minutes.

Just connect your Git account (Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket or private repositories), choose a deployment method based on your business and application needs and you’re ready to go live. We support multiple deployment models:

  • All at once
  • Rolling
  • Rolling with additional batch(es)
  • Immutable
  • Blue/Green
Cloud Management Platform

Everything automated.
Just like you always thought it should be.

cloud devops monitoring


Quickly discover, isolate and solve problems that can negatively affect your application’s performance with smart, visual dashboards. This way, both IT and business teams can make better and more data-driven decisions.

Create custom reports to answer questions like applications and server state, how they communicate with each other, what will be affected if you make a change, etc.

  • Local system monitoring (cpu usage, RAM, networking)
  • Other metrics monitoring (application: redis, mysql, SLA)
  • Manage alarms and notification channels to anomalies detection
  • Bunnyshell collects more than 5000 metrics with zero configuration, it has zero dependencies and requires zero maintenance

Scale and clone

Bunnyshell has you covered when your website experiences sudden spikes in traffic, making scaling a breeze. Choose to get notified when you run low on server resources and scale up and down as needed.

Reuse instead of rework. The one-click clone option enables you to instantly create new servers with the exact same configurations as production.

Stay secure

  • Secrets management (hardware encryption service)
  • Default firewall on all servers
  • Access to servers is denied by default for all ports
  • Manage users, permissions and ssh keys
  • Manual and automated backup of your live environment
cloud devops

Gain Visibility and control.
Drive better business decisions

  • Predict costs and keep them transparent
  • Switch between cloud vendors easily
  • Avoid employee lock-in: all know-how is in the platform
  • Optimize costs through advanced visibility over entire infrastructure
  • Know everything that happened, who did it and what was affected- logs for all actions
  • Implement and keep track of business SLAs