Understand server performance, dependencies, and bottlenecks

Instantly find root causes and fix issues fast through in-depth insights that show specific course of action. Without the guesswork.

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easy setup site reliability robot

Easy Setup

Install SRR on your server using just one line of code and start seeing hidden insights in minutes. Unlike APM, SRR specifies exact core flaws.

Improve key metrics that matter for your business by fixing anomalies and preventing deficiencies. No complex configuration, no headaches.

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Know your package

Access the entire view of your servers and operating environments so you can optimize performance holistically.

Get the big picture to act proactively, not reactively, while staying on top of your operation. Always land on your feet.

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know your package site reliability robot
fine tuning site reliability robot


Insights and preventive upkeep ensure continuous performance optimization of your stack.

Know exactly where your time and money should be focused on by staying ahead -- unlock robust reliability without dipping in a sea of tools.

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