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Get the real-time insights you need to fine-tune your
applications and gain performance and efficiency – fast.


Gain time to focus on innovation,
rather than firefighting infrastructure issues

Choose the product and plan that works for you and your business.

advanced monitoring - bunnyshell

Advanced Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of all packages configs and dependencies, OS, VMs, Services.

smart alerts - bunnyshell

Smart Alerts

Get alerted automatically via email whenever changes occur and red flags are identified by the SRR

continuous optimization recommendations - bunnyshell

Continuous Optimization

Gain valuable insights in real time, after any app or infra change.


Real-time insights

bunnyshell SRR helps increase the performance of your applications based on an automatic and continuous discovery of your packages, services, OS and infrastructure, taking into account what you want to optimize for: volume or performance. SRR works for any type of server: in the cloud, on premise or even on your desktop.

The premise is pretty straightforward: as new code is pushed, new libraries are integrated, new infrastructure is made available or user patterns/volume change, the SRR will ensure that the best combinations of resources and parameter settings are implemented. If SRR detects your application is no longer in its optimal state, you will receive smart alerts with actionable insights on what should be adjusted.

Is SRR similar to APM solutions?

Not really, but they work great together. APM tools focus on monitoring the app layer, while bunnyshell SRR focuses on the blind spot of APMs: infrastructure, packages, OS. This way, you gain full control over your complex and ever-changing systems.

And while APM is vital, bottlenecks in the middleware, OS or infrastructure layers can have a huge impact on performance and cost. bunnyshell SRR continuously monitors and recommends changes to bring your app to its optimal functioning state, for the parameters which matter most to you (e.g. speed or volume).

Who is SRR for?

Any Developer, Devops, Operations and Site Reliability Engineers looking to take the guesswork out of running their applications at high performance and low cost.

It monitors, predicts and suggests insights for changes in configs and resource settings across the VM instance, OS and installed packages and services to maximize performance and reduce costs autonomously.

SRR is perfect for:

  •  DevOps teams
  • Operations teams
  • Site Reliability Teams

DevOps Aut is perfect when you:

  •  Deploy new code
  • Evaluate new instance types
  • Experience changes in user patterns


Works on any server: in any cloud or premise

Works on any server: in any cloud or premise


Supporting most widely used Technologies

Supporting most widely used Technologies

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Quickly Setup & Integrate

With one line of code

Choose what you
want to optimize

Speed or Traffic

Get Continuous

To increase your desired metrics

No need to guess anymore.
Gain visibility and understand how changes are affecting your
application’s performance. Start solving issues today.


Don’t just take our word for it

  • Alex | Waydev

    With Bunnyshell we have been able to make scaling the whole technical infrastructure of our business more efficient and cost-effective, our hosting costs have decreased by over 80% and our capacity allowing us to scale the product quickly. I would happily recommend Bunnyshell more as your business partner, and not as a service provider. Thank you for our beautiful collaboration.

    They Used:

    cloud cloudflare

  • Sorin Dumitrescu - CTO, Omniconvert

    With bunnyshell we managed to migrate our entire infrastructure from AWS to Azure in one week instead of four months, what we initially estimated it would take us.

    They Used:

    cloud cloudflare

  • Vasile Darie, Freelancer

    bunnyshell is a mix between simplicity and power. As a developer with experience in AWS, I find it great to have just one flow for multiple clouds and have the operations for all my clients in one place

    They Used:

    cloud cloudflare

  • Alexandru Diaconu, CEO @ Baby Stem

    bunnyshell provides the insights I need to break down cloud complexity into actionable fine-tuning tasks. This enables uninterrupted performance of my applications, and it's the main reason I chose it as my preferred infrastructure monitoring and orchestration tool.

    They Used

    ecommerce cloud azure cloud cloudflare

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