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Access centralized maintenance over your projects to streamline absolute control while expanding your portfolio.

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More Clients, Less Hassle

Simplify the way you provide client maintenance by upgrading your operating model through one platform

Know Everything

Have all of your projects continuously monitored to instantly gain insights while being warned of eventual anomalies.

Constant Self-Healing

Simplify maintenance processes through the use of auto-pilot protocols when it comes to fixing issues and preventing deficiencies.

Deliver Peace of Mind

Scale your security protocols using firewalls and data encryption for every client, while enabling disaster-recovery backup processes.

Multi Cloud

Widen your client-base without going through cloud vendor-dependent learning curves and gain true business flexibility.


Most-Fitting Solutions

Access features critical to your business success by adopting an optimal and well-thought plan around niche best-practices.


SRR instantly detects server conflicts and their root cause through in-depth insights that show specific course of action.

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We instill performance-driven agility and automation into your servers, saving the pain and complexity of doing it yourself.

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Innovate faster and increase reliability with an easy-to-use service to build, deploy, and scale your applications.

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Quickly and easily spin up a high-availability database cluster while backup, updates, and maintenance are completely taken care of.

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Easy Shift Towards Thriving

Bunnyshell unlocks an agile business environment, breaking away from legacy infrastructures.

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There are many different types of applications running on bunnyshell. This includes web apps, mobile, ecommerce and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications
Bunnyshell currently supports the following languages - PHP, python, java, Node.js. - and is always looking to add more languages.
A load balancer is a networking method that allows the distribution of workloads across multiple servers. At bunnyshell every web server comes with a software load balancer as part of our application stack. These software load balancers will help to evenly distribute web requests in times of high traffic and help to ensure high availability to your web application.

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