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Give your developer proper environments without the overhead of
managing them.

Any stack. All Environments. Automated

Bunnyshell supports any cloud vendor, repository. We have an open
API so you can connect to your existing development pipeline.

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Instant GitOps

so no more code or configuration drift

Code and configuration changes can cause drift.

Bunnyshell has built-in GitOps even if you are using multiple repos. All configuration files are stored in your repository. Our webhooks auto-detect not just a code change but also a configuration change such as a new service or table and can auto-update all environments including existing ones so that your team never experiences drift

Any cloud, repo, pipeline

with open API

Whether you use Github, GitLab, Bitbucket, private or public repo and whether you’re using a single cloud vendor or multiple ones - we got you covered.

Bunnyshell supports any cloud vendor and repository. We have an open API so you can connect to your existing development pipeline, doesn’t matter if it’s Jenkins, GitHub Actions, Azure DevOps, CircleCI Bamboo or none of the above.

Don’t have a pipeline? We can trigger ephemeral environments with every pull request, tear it down with every merge-close and expose all end-points as variables. Read more about our integrations.

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70% Reduction in Cloud Cost


Decide, per environment, what days and times to keep it up, when to tear it down and back again. Why keep always on environments, when your team isn’t working 24x7.
Get better visibility and control to your cost of cloud.

Easy to setup and use

You can get running in less than 5 min

Getting started with Bunnyshell is easy and intuitive: you connect your repo, your Kubernetes cluster and you’re done. We’ll read the docker compose or Helm chart, map the application and you’re done.
You’re not on Kubernetes? We can still support you with other solutions. Reach out and schedule time to discuss your specific requirements.


Remove bottlenecks from every part of your software development pipeline

Whether you have a simple static website or a complex (microservices with many cloud-native dependencies) application, you can quickly create a realistic replica of your production environment.

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