Deliver better software, quicker

Bunnyshell helps Independent Software Vendors keep up with their customers’ increasing demands by saving time spent on manual, demanding or prone to error tasks in the release process.

Stand out of the crowd and grow your reputation

- Deliver quicker & make your clients đź–¤ you

- Instantly create Dev & Test environments on any major cloud, OS, version

-Automate everything

- Custom configure and automate based on your client’s needs

Get ready for scaling

- One dashboard for all your clients, internal projects and outsourced teams.

- Ready-to-scale, auditable infrastructure .


But better, because

- It focuses on the entire system at once instead of one, siloed part

- Uses in-depth knowledge on multiple clouds and is powered by each cloud’s best practices

- Automatically updates security patches for all your projects

- Deploys anything, anywhere with one click

- Allows quickest response to customer’s requests

The Ops in Devops

- Enable a culture of continual experimentation and learning

- Empower your dev team to focus on what they enjoy most - writing code

- Give them ownership over projects without the hassle and the headaches of the ops part.


- No need to hire an entire team of talented Devops.

- Maximize ROI from available team resources.

- Manage and securely deliver complex applications

We believe in getting things done. Smart, not hard.

By delivering instant results, Bunnyshell is reducing time-to-value of your software products and helps your IT team work smarter.

Easy to use. Get started in minutes

Simply upload your code or connect your git repository.

You will still have full control over the cloud resources powering your application and you can access them at any time.

Pay as you go

All features are available in all plans, including the FREE one. Our pricing is based on numbers of servers, so you can upgrade as you need, when you need it.


No two customers have exactly the same needs. Set up and configure based on your client’s demands. Easy.


Speed can’t come at the cost of security. Bunnyshell has built-in security controls at every layer.


Include all the tools and utilities you need to get the job done quickly, efficiently and completely.


Have all your infrastructure in one place. Easily replicate and scale any environment.

Unlock your team’s full potential.

Focus on innovation, your customers and products and let Bunnyshell take care of the infrastructure.