Product teams

UAT Every Feature Before

Easily share dedicated environments to preview each feature
across Product, Dev, and QA.


UAT Specific Features & Accelerate Feedback to Devs

Product can perform UAT with the developer while they are still working on the PR. No more waiting for pre-production to provide feedback.

With Bunnyshell each feature branch is developed on a shareable production-like replica in the cloud so dev and product can collaborate, provide immediate feedback, and see updates instantly without the need to re-build the application.

Self-serviced Demo Environments

Demo new features with a consistent experience before they are released without a single line of code or DevOps time.

Using Bunnyshell’s UI you can clone & automatically deploy any environment with the right set of services, code, and data for every feature with a single click.

Remove bottlenecks from every part of
your software development pipeline

Whether you have a simple static website or a complex (microservices with many cloud-native dependencies) application, you can quickly create a realistic replica of your production environment.

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