QA Teams

Unlimited On-demand Testing Environments.
No More Bottlenecks in Staging.

Spin-up your own testing environment for every feature to test before merge. Not after.


Unlimited Testing Environments for Automated and Manual Testing

Test multiple feature branches concurrently.

Using Bunnyshell EaaS, QA engineers can access full-stack dedicated environments with all dependencies and proper data seeding to provide early feedback and accelerate release frequency.

By providing isolated environments you can run multiple tests concurrently without concerns about tests conflicting with one another.

Spin-up New Environments with a Single Click

Need an environment to reproduce? Replicate your production through the UI or API.

Using Bunnyshell’s UI you can now clone and deploy any environment of any feature yourself with a single click in seconds. No dependency in DevOps.


Test Before Merge. Shift Left.

By integrating Bunnyshell into your CI you can trigger automated regression, integration, UI, and performance testing and even tear down upon success.

Tests failed? Developers get immediate feedback and can connect to the environment directly to debug and rework every pull request.

Remove bottlenecks from every part of
your software development pipeline

Whether you have a simple static website or a complex (microservices with many cloud-native dependencies) application, you can quickly create a realistic replica of your production environment.

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