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The validation of our code. 750.000 euro investment from Early Game Ventures

By ana.dragu

Here, at Bunnyshell, it’s been an interesting journey.

We’ve done all that work having a clear purpose. We knew that sacrificing all the time and effort the results will show up.

The validation of our code came today, when we’ve got a 750.000 euro investment from Early Game Ventures. Basically, the confirmation we needed to understand that we are not just doing our work, but doing it right.

We would like to thank all our colleagues for being here from the beginning:

Alin Dobra, Roxana Ciobanu, Marius Dănescu, Irina Lam, Adrian Afilipoie, Bianca Bindăroi, Mihaela Nistor, Marilena Stăetu, Ana-Maria Dragu, Cristian Guțui, Ionuț Tocilă, Miruna Gherasim, Miruna Floroiu, Silviu Chiran, Alexandru Golub.

Today, there is no application or software system that does not work in the cloud. Application development is becoming faster, using components, tools, APIs, SDKs, and other resources that are easy to integrate and easy to use by non-specialized engineers. And yet, when it comes to installing applications on cloud infrastructure, things get complicated. It requires a system administrator to choose the best solution or architecture and make the settings and installations. This is where Bunnyshell comes in so that, with just two to three clicks, anyone can install and launch cloud applications.

Alin Dobra, CEO Bunnyshell

Bunnyshell wants to change the world by making the cloud accessible. Installing and launching servers, monitoring and scaling them, as well as cloud security, all you can solve in minutes. The automation developed by Bunnyshell democratizes access to the cloud infrastructure. These are some of the arguments that made us invest in the Bunnyshell team. Moreover, this investment is in perfect agreement with “Infrastructure for innovation,” the investment thesis of Early Game Ventures.

Dan Calugareanu, Partner of Early Game Ventures.

Early Game Ventures is a venture capital firm funded mostly through the Competitiveness Operational Program 2014-2020, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

The European Investment Fund (EIF) is part of the European Investment Bank Group and is the leading risk financier for Europe’s SMEs through venture capital, collateral, and microfinance instruments. In Romania, the EIF implements financial instruments co-financed through structural and investment funds, such as JEREMIE 2007-2013, SME Initiative, ROP, JOP, NRDP.

The Competitiveness Operational Program 2014-2020 (POC) makes investments to address the needs and challenges raised by the low levels of economic competitiveness, in particular with regards to (a) insufficient support for research, development and innovation and (b) underdeveloped infrastructure for Information and Communication Technology. POC benefits from a € 1.33 billion allocation from the European Regional Development Fund.

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