We believe it's time to fundamentally improve the way we deliver software so we can grow faster.

Today, software is everywhere and it's changed the way we shop, the way we work, the way we heal, and the way we stay connected to those we love.

Software is only getting more complex, evolving faster than humans can keep pace.

The reason why we get up every morning is our burning desire to create tools that empower our customers and partners to grow and deliver better software, faster.

Our power is in our people and our team members are our most valuable asset.

Our power is in our people and our team members are our most valuable asset.


Our leadership

Leadership at Bunnyshell comes from all over. Here is the team at the helm of this ship.

Roxana Ciobanu

Co-Founder and CTO

Sorin Dumitrescu

VP of Engineering

Silviu Croitoru


Shani Shoham

Chief Revenue Officer

Cristian Ducu


Adrian Androne


Alin Dobra

Co-Founder and CEO

Backed by leading investors

Our commitment to simplify DevOps is backed by Early Game Ventures' ambition to fuel our efforts on a global scale.

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Alex Circei CEO Waydev

“We've made scaling our business's whole infrastructure more efficient and cost effective, decreased the hosting costs by over 80%, and allowed us to quickly scale.”

Alex Circei

Aurelian Motica CTO Gomag

“Since we started working with Bunnyshell we can focus more on developing our product, knowing that scaling our infrastructure will hardly be an issue.”

Aurelian Motica