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Monitoring & Alerting

Keep track and stay updated at all times. No more running out of CPU power or server space. Intuitive and simple interface with real-time monitoring, alerts that keep you on top of things and powerful analytics capabilities.

  • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring
  • Personalized alerts and notifications
  • More than 5000 monitored metrics
  • 0 configuration and maintenance needed

Bunnyshell Auto Scaling

Bunnyshell Auto Scaling monitors your applications and automatically adjusts capacity to maintain steady, predictable performance at the lowest possible cost.

The service provides a simple, powerful user interface that lets you build scaling plans for resources on any cloud.

Smart Self-Healing servers

With all features needed for system monitoring and error recovery. It's like having a watchdog with a toolbox on your server.

Tools for your Team

Everything that your team want: Multiple types of one click deployments (all-at-once, rolling, imutable), automated provisioning, clone servers, log aggregation, enhaced monitoring, organization account

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Gain time to focus on your business,
rather than firefighting infrastructure issues



$49 month
$490 year
5 servers
Smart healing technology
Continuous optimizations & fine tuning
Real time monitoring and alerting
Security best practices & automated backups
Free migration to cloud


$999 month
$9990 year
Everything in Premium
Log Aggregation
All at once, Rolling & Immutable Deployments
Enhaced Monitoring


Your website performance on auto-pilot

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