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Best for IT

Gain speed and efficiency using one powerful, cloud agnostic platform. Developers can focus on building and continuously delivering applications, without having to deal with complex infrastructure workloads. Leave all that to Bunnyshell, while your team worries less and innovates more.

  • One interface & single lexicon for most popular clouds
  • Launch servers, Provision, Deploy and Scale applications with a few clicks
  • Automatic security, monitoring and alerting
  • Ready-to-use environments already optimized for production

Best for Business

Get commercial freedom to switch between cloud providers easily and without needing new people or skills in your team. Finally gain control over your infrastructure and associated costs and be up to date with your application and systems performance.

  • Gain speed, visibility and edge
  • Save your team valuable time otherwise spent on complex infrastructure workloads
  • Avoid vendor and employee lock-in
  • Get access to Expert Support 24x7



Easily launch and manage servers with a single interface for most popular clouds: AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, GCP. 

Provision servers with free packages already configured for production like Apache, Nginx, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, Mysql, Redis, MongoDB, RabbitMQ and many more.

  • One-click install, uninstall or update packages
  • Add your own packages
  • Easily configure and deploy any package directly from Bunnyshell

Deploy your applications to any of the supported clouds, with one click.

  • One click deployment to multiple servers
  • Multiple deployment strategies : all at once, rolling, immutable, blue green deployments
  • See deployment logs in real time
  • Define pre/post deploy actions like composer install, doctrine migrations or nginx restart
  • Define build actions
  • Git integration with Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket or private repositories

Automatic, real time monitoring of your application and systems performance, collecting more than 5000 metrics with zero configuration, zero dependencies and zero maintenance

  • Create custom dashboards
  • Define custom alerts

Scale up or down based on your ever changing business needs

  • Autoscale based on your own needs. Spin up servers based on server metrics, like CPU/RAM usage or application metrics like number of requests or numbers of messages from you redis queue.
  • Scale vertically
  • Scale horizontally

Keep your infrastructure protected at all times

  • Firewall and all ports blocked by default for all servers
  • Secrets management. We use hardware encryption to store your secrets
  • Automatic security updates for every package installed via bunnyshell
  • Automatic backup

Guaranteed speed improvement from day 1

We guarantee an increase of your website’s performance,from day 1 after the migration.

We measure the loading speed of your pages and we present you an improvement report.

Built based on all major clouds' best practices.

Unleashing the power of automation for every company, without the overhead and huge time invested if you had to build the automations in-house, using multiple tools and services.

Choose from more than 60 data centers around the globe

Think global, act local


South Carolina Data Center

4708 Ocello Street,

LOWPOINT Data Center

1873 New Creek Road,

San Diego Data Center

4708 Ocello Street,

South Carolina Data Center

4848 Marion Street,

Canada East

Canada Central

East US

US DoD East

East US 2

US Gov Virginia

South Central US

US Gov Texas

West US 2

West Central US

US Gov Arizona

Brazil South

North Central US

US DoD Central

US Gov Iowa

Central US

South Africa North

South Africa West

France South

France Central

UK West

North Europe

UK South

Norway East

Norway East

West Europe

Germany West Central

Switzerland West

Switzerland North

Germany Northeast

Germany North

Germany Central

UAE North

UAE Central

West India

Central India

South India

Southeast Asia

East Asia

China East 2

China East

Korea South

Korea Central

China North 2

China North

Japan East

Japan West

Australia East

Australia Central

Australia Central

Australia Southeast

New York 1

New York 2

New York 3

Amsterdam 2

Amsterdam 3

San Francisco 1

San Francisco 2



Frankfurt 1



Oregon 1

Northern California

US West

Central Canada

US East

US East








Cape Town










Hong Kong

South Carolina Data Center

Everything automated.
Just like you always thought it should be.