Development, Staging and Production Environments as a Service

Remove the bottleneck of creating and managing
increasingly complex environments for any application.

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as a Service

Streamline the development process with a fast and simple self-service solution to create and reproduce environments.

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Massive increase in development velocity

Bunnyshell turbocharges development velocity by eliminating DevOps bottlenecks, decreasing rework, and improving product quality.

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Cloud cost
reduced up to 75%

With Bunnyshell, you’re paying only for cloud resources when they are needed by setting availability rules to start and stop your environments automatically.

What does Bunnyshell do?

Bunnyshell reduces the complexity of managing environments and enables developers to get back to building great products rather than worrying about how the machinery works.

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Configure Environments

Using read-only access, Bunnyshell connects to your Git repository and automatically detects and defines the application environment configuration.

Build Container Images

Based on your Dockerfile and defined build configuration, Bunnyshell builds the container images that will be deployed on your Kubernetes clusters.

Deploy on Kubernetes

Bunnyshell deploys your application in dev, staging, and production environments, on-demand or automatically with just a pull request on your Kubernetes clusters.

Develop and Debug Locally

Develop and debug one or more services on your own machine while the rest of the environment runs on cloud, avoiding inconsistencies and enabling fast feedback.

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How Engineers and DevOps are using Bunnyshell.

Pull Request
Development Environments

Spin up self-served environments with every pull request, develop and debug locally while your application's dependencies run on cloud.

Staging Environments

Create on-demand, with just a few clicks, any number of staging environments to stay confident in releasing new code.

Production Environments

Develop and deploy production environments at high velocity in a unified ecosystem, which genuinely enables continuous delivery.

Validation Environments

Create as many environments as you need on any code branch so you can test and validate changes in any context.

Demo Environments

Create up-to-date environments to demo your product without interfering with development or other environments.

Deploy your first application

Whether you have a simple static website or a complex (microservices with many cloud-native dependencies) application, you can quickly create a realistic replica of your production environment.

Accelerate time to value

Bunnyshell integrates with your existing tools for infrastructure, applications, versions, and configurations so you can experience the value of EaaS from the first day.

Fast to implement

Improve velocity by removing rework and decreasing bottlenecks. You get on-demand resources easy to integrate with the toolchain you already have.

Easy to use

Enable teams to keep pace with faster development cycles and reduce skill requirements. The team will be happy to continue with their usual workflow.

Cost effective

No need to pay for what you don't use. No need to keep resources on hold. Lower your costs with automation rules to manage and maintain environments.

Alex Circei CEO Waydev

“We've made scaling our business's whole infrastructure more efficient and cost effective, decreased the hosting costs by over 80%, and allowed us to quickly scale.”

Alex Circei

Aurelian Motica CTO Gomag

“Since we started working with Bunnyshell we can focus more on developing our product, knowing that scaling our infrastructure will hardly be an issue.”

Aurelian Motica

Enable High Velocity Development

Breakaway from the inability to quickly deploy isolated environments
of any specification that holds you back in innumerable ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Explore the Bunnyshell Help center or Contact us.

EaaS is a service where the application and environment run together while undergoing version control, and it uses automation to perform server configuration for specific applications.
Ephemeral environments are usually environments that live for the life of a Pull Request or are created manually to preview changes, showcase demos, or test new configurations.
Using a fast and capable EaaS can improve development speed by at least two dimensions by removing rework and decreasing bottlenecks.
We are in the process of obtaining SOC2 certification, and we should finalize this process by September 2022.
Bunnyshell includes an extensive REST API for your existing CI/CD and DevOps tools enabling you to easily deploy environments directly from your own release pipeline