Environments as a Service

Easily create and manage production, staging, and development environments on-demand or automatically for even your most complex applications.

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Speed up Develoment

We take away the DevOps complexity and handle your infrastructure and deployments so you can focus on building great products faster.

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Maximize Uptime

Deploy features critical to business success with one click, with no downtime, and automatically increase capacity on high loads.

Reduce Cost icon

Reduce Cost

Bunnyshell monitors your environments and automatically scale capacity up or down to maintain performance at the lowest possible cost.

Virtual Servers or Kubernetes

Whether running on Kubernetes or virtual machines, Bunnyshell gives you the solutions to innovate faster, without being interrupted.

Kubernetes Environments

It's the recommended solution for development, staging, sales demo, product, or wherever fast deployment of ephemeral environments is needed.

  • Fast and easy setup
  • Efficient management
  • Cloud cost reduction
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Virtual Servers Environments

They are mainly used for critical applications as these environments are more secure by being isolated one from the other.

  • Highly available and scalable
  • More secure
  • Reliable
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Use Cases and Benefits

Environments are not only for developers. Bunnyshell environments can streamline the processes in your entire organization.


Automatically create repeatable complex application environments for every developer on every Pull Request.


Create on-demand, with just a few clicks, any number of staging environments to stay confident in releasing new code.

Product Demo

Create on demand up-to-date environments to demo sale your product without interfeering with development or other demos.


Deploy, manage and optimize scalable, secure, reliable and highly available environments for complex applications.


We make it easy,
simple and fast.


Connect your cloud providers or Kubernetes clusters to our platform in just a few simple steps.


Easily deploy production, staging, and development environments on-demand or automatically.


Accelerate realease cycle with automated generated ephemeral environments .


Maximize efficiency, reduce costs and maintain the security you need to drive innovation.

Run the technologies of your choice

Bunnyshell supports the technologies your team needs today and the ones they want to use in the future.

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Accelerate time to value

Whether you have a couple of microservices or many, you can create a realistic replica of your production environment quickly.

Fast to implement

Improve velocity by removing rework and decreasing bottlenecks. You get on-demand resources easy to integrate with the toolchain you already have.

Easy to use

Enable teams to keep pace with faster development cycles and reduce skill requirements. The team will be happy to continue with their usual workflow.

Cost effective

No need to pay for what you don’t use. No need to keep resources on hold. Lower your costs with automating rules to manage and mantain environments.

Easy Shift
Towards Thriving

Bunnyshell unlocks an agile business environment, breaking
away from legacy infrastructures.

Talk to our team
Alex Circei CEO Waydev

“We've made scaling our business's whole infrastructure more efficient and cost effective, decreased the hosting costs by over 80%, and allowed us to quickly scale.”

Alex Circei

Aurelian Motica CTO Gomag

“Since we started working with Bunnyshell we can focus more on developing our product, knowing that scaling our infrastructure will hardly be an issue.”

Aurelian Motica

Frequently Asked Questions

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There are many different types of applications running on bunnyshell. This includes web apps, mobile, ecommerce and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications
Bunnyshell currently supports the following languages - PHP, python, java, Node.js. - and is always looking to add more languages.
A load balancer is a networking method that allows the distribution of workloads across multiple servers. At bunnyshell every web server comes with a software load balancer as part of our application stack. These software load balancers will help to evenly distribute web requests in times of high traffic and help to ensure high availability to your web application.