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Easy infrastructure management on multiple clouds, automated provisioning, one click deployment for any app, automated real time monitoring & ops management.

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Infrastructure management.

Easy to create new servers on multiple clouds, multiple OS. One interface & single lexic for any cloud.

Bunnyshell comes with time-saving features and optimisations, best for performance, security and development.

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Simply connect your cloud account and you’re ready to go in less than 5 minutes.

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    One platform, multiple clouds

    You don’t need to learn AWS, GCP, Azure or DigitalOcean anymore. Instantly create & manage infrastructure on multiple clouds.

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    Automated provisioning

    Use our free, already configured packages for production like Apache, Nginx, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, Mysql, Redis, MongoDB, RabbitMQ and many more.

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    One click deployment - zero downtime

    Multiple deployment types for any application, on any scale, any cloud : All at once, rolling, Rolling with additional batches, Immutable or Blue Green Deployments.

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    Automated monitoring

    Bunnyshell collects more than 5000 metrics automatically, with zero configuration, and comes with more than 100 alarms pre-configured to detect common failures, performance and availability issues.

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    Secure by design

    All sensitive data is stored in an encryption hardware service. All server ports are blocked by default. Security patches are applied automatically.

“With Bunnyshell we managed to migrate the entire infrastructure from AWS to Azure in one week instead of 4 months, what we initially estimated it would take us. Remaining compliant and secure during migration was a top priority for us due to our dataflow of over 40 000 requests per minute, which is pretty much the traffic of a top online retailer during Black Friday.”

CTO - Omniconvert.

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