Ep 3 - The Current & Future State of DevSecOps with David DeSanto from GitLab

We speak to David DeSanto, VP of Product at GitLab, about the fascinating, surprising, and encouraging results of over 5,000 professionals in the DevOps space. ModelOps is rising. Teams relying on DIY DevOps solutions are getting left behind. Come find out how to best navigate the new world of DevOps with security front of mind.

About David

David DeSanto is a security expert with more than 15 years of security research, software development and product strategy experience. David is a frequent speaker at major international conferences on topics including threat intelligence, cloud security, GNSS security issues and SSL/TLS issues. He holds a Master of Science in Cybersecurity with NYU School of Engineering and is the co-author of Threat Forecasting.

About GitLab

GitLab Inc. is an open-core company that provides GitLab, a DevOps software package that combines the ability to develop, secure, and operate software in a single application. The open-source software project was created by Ukrainian developer Dmitriy Zaporozhets and Dutch developer Sytse Sijbrandij. In 2018, GitLab Inc. was considered the first partly-Ukrainian unicorn.

Since its founding, GitLab has been centered around remote work. GitLab is one of the largest all-remote companies in the world.[citation needed] GitLab has an estimated 30 million registered users, with 1 million being active licensed users.