Behind the Code: Stripe's Secret Sauce for Enhanced Developer Efficiency

In order to exist, be relevant, and succeed, every technology company needs to have an efficient software development process. In addition to various standard practices, providing the best development experience to your engineers can not only make your team happy but also speed up the software release process significantly.

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Bunnyshell supports you with access to remote development, properly isolated QA environments, and easy replication of full-stack environments. This will boost development productivity and shorten development cycles.

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Having a scalable and reliable development workflow can save the engineering team a ton of time and developers can truly focus on building, innovating, and shipping which is what they love.

In this webinar, Sorin Dumitrescu, CTO at Bunnyshell will discuss about “Internal Developer Toolings at Stripe” with Horia Coman, Engineering Site Lead at Stripe. This will be an amazing opportunity for developers as well as leaders to learn about how one of the best engineering teams in the world operates.


  • 1. Introduction to Stripe's Philosophy
  • 2. Team Structure and Impact: Platform Engineering team and DX team integration
  • 3. Standardization and centralization
  • 4. Preview Environments, Release flow improvements, Remote Development
  • 5. Insights for smaller companies
  • 6. Bunnyshell Demo
  • 7. Q&A

The result of using Bunnyshell is a frictionless, self-service developer experience that eliminates waiting time, saves wasted resources, and offers the right capabilities to enable developers to ship software faster with as little overhead as possible.


Software Engineers

Regain autonomy, and experience an easy way to create and manage environments without the friction of working with operations teams to provisioning infrastructure, control environment builds, and set up deployment automation.


Get rid of managing tickets and duplicating work for pre-release environments so you can focus on optimizing system performance across the board and improving resource utilization.

Engineering Leads

Free your developers from infrastructure tinkering, give them autonomy, and allow Ops to move from tasks to strategy so you can deliver faster.