A personal note from our founder

A personal note from our founder


We are happy to announce that we are part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) that brings together the industry’s top developers, end-users, and vendors, and runs the largest open-source developer conferences in the world. CNCF hosts critical components of the global technology infrastructure, including Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Envoy.

Our story begins three years ago when I talked to Roxana, my co-founder, to automate all repetitive steps we were doing over and over again to launch environments.

Bunnyshell started by tackling the most challenging problem, the production environment, which requires security, reliability, and scalability. 

Since the day we had the idea, we have grown to support with Bunnyshell platform tens of customers from 12 countries with scalable production environments for their critical applications.

We learned a lot about how to bring value and expand our markets during this high-paced growth, but what struck us was that our customers have significant bottlenecks in development before launching in production.

“Hey, where is my staging?” That is a real question asked so many times by developers that it became a joke. As a fact, 73% of developers spend part of most of their time managing environments. For a CTO, there is no other way to optimize resources and bring speed to delivery than having fast environments. 

Now, with Bunnyshell, you can quickly create on-demand or automatic any number of environments for development, staging, and production on Kubernetes clusters making those roadblocks a thing of the past. Staging is now on-demand, one-click away, easy to manage.

What is maybe not that obvious right now is that Bunnyshell is building a new way of working by offering an unlimited supply of environments for development and product or sales. 

Bunnyshell is growing into a collaborative platform for teams: developers, product managers, QA Engineers, and Sales, supporting the new way of building software that involves more people than developers.

We are happy to talk to you about accelerating your development and integrating all teams to deliver fast and better products to your customers.



Enable High Velocity Development

Breakaway from the inability to quickly deploy isolated environments of any specification.