Meet Ada, the 20-year-old entrepreneur who is determined to make Bunnyshell synonymous with DevOps automation

Meet Ada, the 20-year-old entrepreneur who is determined to make Bunnyshell synonymous with DevOps automation

Being an entrepreneur is not something everyone can do, and if you’re a founder yourself, you’re very familiar with the hard work, long hours, and the many failures before the first success.

During the early days of a business, you have to wear many hats – marketing, sales, operations, finance, HR, etc., and, although not impossible, it’s very unusual to see very young,successful entrepreneurs. And yet, we were very happy to meet Ada, a 20-year-old entrepreneur whose passion for business and technology inspires us every day.

Q: You co-founded AVMdesign when you were just 20 years old. What do you love most about being an entrepreneur and working with startups?

AVMdesign is the story of two students who, at the beginning of the pandemic, thought not to waste their time, to do something. So, for 2 weekends, after work, we set up a small business. The idea that I’m a young entrepreneur can only make me happy because this experience taught me more than two full-time jobs had taught me :)) As for working in a startup, HELL YEAH! The challenges are numerous, my input into the organization is more important, I see first-hand how my work helps in the growth process. Indeed, in a startup, you work 10 times more than in a corporation, BUT the satisfaction and joy on my colleagues’ faces is also 100 times greater!

Q: What made you choose Bunnyshell specifically?

I really wanted to change industries. Coming from the services industry, I wanted something with a broader perspective, and, like everyone else, I wanted to work in the IT industry. At first, Bunnyshell caught my attention because of its name :)) I thought it was something super youthful and friendly, as it actually is. Secondly, I liked it for the IT part it touches. I have many programmer friends and, when I was looking for a job, I asked left and right if anyone had heard anything about the companies I was interested in. Although they couldn’t tell me much about Bunnyshell, they told me that DevOps is expanding and that I would enjoy seeing the accelerated growth of the company.

Q: What makes you passionate about technology?

From my point of view, IT and medicine are very alike – in continuous development, you can’t stagnate. I’m a person who gets bored if I don’t find out something new daily/often. My passion for technology runs in my family; my father works in the IT industry, so I “stole” his passion.

Q: What does innovation mean to you? What would an innovative product look like to you?

For me, innovation means novelty, a change that can revolutionize a field or a product/service. An innovative product, for me, means that it revolutionizes the range or area it belongs to.

Q: What excites you most about your role at Bunnyshell?

The fact that I’m part of an emerging, young, energetic team that has a well-defined common goal and, in addition, the fact that my role at Bunnyshell helps me see my impact very quickly. The idea that any completed task shows immediate results make me very happy. That’s what startup life is about.

Q: Tell us a bit about the achievements you’re most proud of.

As I’ve previously mentioned, the fact that I can call myself a “young entrepreneur” represents my greatest achievement so far. Of course, I’m proud that at 20 years old, I’m at my fourth job and have progressed both in terms of hard skills and soft skills. I manage to split my time between all my activities because I learned to discipline myself. Currently, I’m part of the Business Organization for Students in which I’m a board member, I have a full-time job, I’m a student, I have personal projects, and I try not to give up my personal life either :))

Q: What else do you want to achieve? What types of problems do you see yourself solving in the future?

Of course, I want my business to grow and become really successful, and in this whole process, I would like to be able to anticipate the problems that could arise. At the same time, I’m glad that we live in a world where, as you can see, you can have your own business and also a full-time job without this being a problem. At the moment, I feel that I get more involved in Bunnyshell’s activities because, as I said, this is a new thing for me; I learn various technologies or competing tools every day, which gives me the drive to do more, to learn. For now, I want to give it my all and help Bunnyshell grow.

Q: Why do you think you’re a great fit for the Bunnyshell team? What new perspectives do you bring to the table that are unique to you and your experience?

So far, I think I’m a good fit for the Bunnyshell team because of my determination to do things well and fast, thanks to my Growth Mindset, my openness to learning new things, and the fact that I’m a team player. I hope my colleagues believe the same thing about me: D I don’t know what I can say about what I can bring new to the team… I think we each bring in our experience and a use case, and all the information put together forms a starting point. Being the only girl, I definitely also bring a youthful and feminine look to the Bunnyshell sales team.

Q: What is great leadership to you? What qualities do you look for in a leader or manager?

‘A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.’ I’ve always looked for a manager with whom I can laugh, joke, but also have loads to learn from and work in a relaxed environment, and I think Alin encompasses all that. Everyone on the team has the same spirit, which makes me very happy.

Q: What makes the Bunnyshell team great to work with?

The Bunnyshell team is constantly growing, it’s energetic, and has many people I learned from. Working alongside them is a pleasure.

Q: What are your thoughts about Bunnyshell’s company culture?

I like being part of a team that aims to revolutionize tech trends, and I like working in a modern, friendly, and adaptable environment, as Bunnyshell’s organizational culture is.

Q: What makes you proud to work alongside the Bunnyshell team?

I’m glad to be part of an energetic team with a super powerful drive to do revolutionary things, and I’m proud to have integrated quickly and adapted to the work style of a startup.

Q: Where do you see the Bunnyshell product in 10 years? Or where would you want it to be?

I hope that, in 10 years, Bunnyshell will be a word, a name, a company that will have reached most people. I’d like Bunnyshell to become the market leader in the industry, and I want to help in the growth process that will lead to these results.

Q: What are some of your hobbies?

Personally, I really like to travel, and I can’t wait for the pandemic situation to calm down a bit and be able to resume this habit. At the same time, I admit that I also like shopping, photography, hiking, and cooking.