Environment as a Service Business Case - Building the Argument for EaaS

Environment as a Service Business Case - Building the Argument for EaaS

Many software development companies are adopting Environment as a Service (EaaS) because of its many benefits for production and not only. This article discusses the reasons why EaaS is great for businesses of all sizes. It will also mention how Bunnyshell has the perfect EaaS solution for you.  

Why Is Environment as a Service Great for Businesses?

We live in a modern cloud world, so you will or may already be familiar with the overwhelming amount of choices a native cloud landscape offers. There are also many tools and opportunities available to make the wrong decision regarding teams, costs, and efficiency. 

In other words, there is a lot of complexity - and getting it wrong is a risk few CEOs dare take. So how do you simplify that complexity? With Environment as a Service, of course. Below you’ll find three reasons why it’s great for businesses. 

Increase DevOps Teams Efficiency through Automation

Manual processes delay time-to-market. DevOps teams usually work tirelessly to fix bugs or perform feature updates, all at a high cost for the time and resources needed to invest in updates and any related rework (essentially starting from scratch if there are too many issues to fix). 

Environment as a Service uses advanced automation to configure servers for a particular application and deploy and test all its other components, easing teamwork, rework, and time-consuming implementations. 

With EaaS, developers can spend a bit more time initially configuring the code to write automated tests for bug fixes, for example, to then not have to do that ever again. EaaS brings a level of automation that enables organizations to deploy entire application environments consistently and reliably. The result of this is not only more cost-efficient devs, but also fewer burnt-out devs, with an overall reduced turnover.

Reduce Entire Project Costs without Sacrificing Quality 

Entire costs for maintenance and support for applications, including rework, can get quite up there. Not to mention that idle resources and low visibility into resource utilization also increase costs with traditional environments. 

Building your own EaaS solution is extremely costly as well, money and time-wise. Depending on project complexity, you would need to consider a team of specialized DevOps engineers working on the project for upwards of 18 months.

You then have to factor in maintenance costs for each following year, adoption costs of new tech, internal product management costs to ensure it stays competitive, other cloud costs, and many others. Working on your own EaaS can easily reach half a million dollars, not taking into account any future costs. 

Conversely, buying the right EaaS solution will be usable much sooner than if you were to build it yourself, with the added benefit of being more affordable, with costs that are easily understood. EaaS environments can then be scaled to only what you need for each one, so costs can be further contained. Additionally, environments are ephemeral, so they can be spun up or deleted automatically depending on how long you use them. 

Increase Visibility and Flexibility

Visibility is crucial when considering the end-user. A team does not include only software developers, it includes product owners and managers, mentors, etc. as well. It has become every team member’s responsibility to know what’s going on in your systems, make sense of it all, gather and analyze the information to prevent issues, and make sure issues don’t occur again. All of this should be done while stakeholders can view every step of the process to offer feedback. Seems impossible? Not with an EaaS.   

84% of participants (out of 300 IT professionals) claimed that if more stakeholders had visibility into their performance metrics and their overall systems’ infrastructure, their cloud applications would have better availability and performance. Thankfully, with an EaaS, you get exactly that - more visibility

An EaaS offers you automated environment creation with code commits that live in isolation, providing visibility at every step of the process. Acting quickly to resolve any issues during your process increases visibility, productivity, and offers you complete flexibility when making any future changes to the application. Stakeholders become part of this process, and even rework is considerably reduced.

The Business Landscape Is Switching to EaaS - Are You?

In order to have more efficient DevOps teams, reduce entire project costs, and increase visibility and flexibility, the most obvious solution is Environment as a Service. EaaS is an emerging trend that has multiple benefits as more and more software development companies adopt it. Jumping on that trend now means being ahead of your competition. If you wait, you might get left behind

Bunnyshell has the perfect EaaS solution for you, cutting downtime and delivering reliable applications and services faster, so you can focus on what’s important to you. EaaS is a great future-proof solution for any business as it will save you and your entire team time, money, resources and improve product quality. Don’t get left behind! 

Enable High Velocity Development

Breakaway from the inability to quickly deploy isolated environments of any specification.