How Cloud Technology Rises Above COVID-19

How Cloud Technology Rises Above COVID-19

It’s hard to imagine a world without cloud technology now that so many people are forced to work remotely. Never have we ever faced such a high demand for the availability of IT resources facilitated by the cloud than during this pandemic.

Cloud is pretty much everywhere and it continuously enables connectivity between people and businesses all over the world.

Which brings up this question – what if cloud would have never happened?

Almost every small detail we take for granted will be changing, not to mention global economies.

What we wouldn’t have

If there would be no cloud technology, we would lose so many of the things we do everyday – which would add to an existing list of things we can’t do during this COVID-19 pandemic.

For example, executives couldn’t access crucial business intelligence for their company from anywhere in the world. Not to mention collaborating, sharing and co-editing documents between colleagues working from home to sustain business continuity.

Global organizations, educational institutions, media companies – could they run applications on a variety of mobile devices across the globe? Of course not. 

We would still rent DVD’s if it wasn’t for Netflix’s scalable video delivery service enabled by cloud. We would still conduct business meetings over classic peer networking instead of dynamic cloud-based solutions like Google Hangouts or Zoom. Services like Dropbox or iCloud make no exception to the rule.

If it wasn’t for cloud, smartphones will be just… phones. No rapid experience, no instant access to complex data, no cloud-based compelling apps. 

Cloud architecture makes networks uniform in a seamless way, so that solutions rapidly emerge for everyday problems and challenges.

Time to Take Action

With the COVID-19 restrictions, more and more companies are recognizing the self-evident value cloud provides. This means they will rely more on advanced digital infrastructure to support their activity.

The most fantastic thing about cloud technology is the sheer flexibility it provides, especially during this time of crisis when fast implementation and testing are a must in the business world.

Whether you want to migrate to cloud, or want the simplified and faster version of your cloud, hop on our boat (life vests included).

Bunnyshell’s goal and desire is to change the world by making the cloud accessible to anyone. Backed by a €750,000 investment to support our cause, we ensure our strong commitment to cloud adoption in the face of this global challenge.

Here’s our proposition: Bunnyshell is your Managed Cloud Platform on Autopilot. 

Our platform allows you to focus on growing your app, while we take care of the rest: real-time monitoring, auto-scaling, smart self-healing servers, one-click deployment. Backed by 24/7 real-time support.

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Let’s innovate our way out of this crisis!