Programming Internship: Challenges and rewards

Programming Internship: Challenges and rewards

Hello! I am Gheorghe and I am learning new things every day as an intern at Bunnyshell.

I think, in general, finding the right place for yourself is extremely challenging. That’s why I have to admit: I was lucky.  

Three months ago, I was out with my friends. Talking about my plans to study programming on my own, until I will find an opportunity to study with a mentor.  The surprise came exactly from two of my friends at the table.

When they heard that I want to take the bull by the horns and start learning programming on my own, they offered immediately to be mentors for me. I knew that they were working at Bunnyshell, but I had no idea at the moment that they were looking for interns.  So they started to tell me more about the product, the team, the culture, the overall office vibe. But also about the opportunities to learn.

Guess what? I said yes, before they even finished their elevator pitch, because i knew that this was the place for me to grow. It seems like for me the opportunity has risen from where I expected it less to.

Fast forward one week and the big day has come. And with it so came my biggest fear. That the team won’t have the time or patience to help me learn, given my very basic programming skills. If I can even call them that.

But that same fear disappeared immediately after the first status meeting. Then I found that everyone was not only nice, but also so joyous and willing to help. I never thought it was possible for a tech company to have such an outgoing and friendly team. So i learned that enjoying the ride, can actually work hand in hand, in perfect harmony.

The intern on-boarding process was seamless, and I felt so welcomed.

The first step was starting to learn Python, so Roxana and Ionuț, my mentors, introduced me to it. But they had even bigger plans for me. During the following 3 months, they taught me how to work with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or Linux. And, what was most interesting for me, general concepts about cloud computing.

Now, as I am writing this, I am realizing that I’ve done more things than I even imagined I will before I got started with Bunnyshell. My motivation to learn more day by day is even stronger now. I am more confident in my strength and my abilities and it is much easier for me to learn new things.  

I would definitely recommend this experience to any youngster who wants to pave his way to an IT career. Surrounded by industry experts and awesome colleagues.

Just think of the opportunity to work on something much greater than yourself. Just think of developing projects which could make an industry paradigm shift. And be part of the whole process too: first building, testing, fixing bugs, learning DevOps best practices, and pushing cool new features live often.

For me, interning at Bunnyshell was such a rewarding and incredible experience.