UpCloud + Bunnyshell: Secure, Compliant, and Reliable eCommerce Solution

UpCloud + Bunnyshell: Secure, Compliant, and Reliable eCommerce Solution

As a business, having your product run on a high-performant infrastructure is a must. When everything runs smoothly, your customers have a great experience, and you can see your traffic increase exponentially. 

This is why we’ve partnered up with UpCloud - to enable businesses everywhere to achieve zero downtime more easily, to put their infrastructure on autopilot, and allow them to spend more time building their product and relationship with customers instead. 

Here’s why we think the Bunnyshell - UpCloud partnership is the perfect solution for small and medium-sized businesses:

Merge a Compliant European Cloud with a High-Performance Autoscaling Solution

We mentioned it’s our priority to make 100% uptime achievable by any business, not just enterprises with custom infrastructures and big pockets. UpCloud offers the best price vs. performance on the market, and paired with our infrastructure automation technology, it makes the perfect combo for online shops.

UpCloud comes with a highly performant and reliable IaaS, while Bunnyshell adds all the DevOps and development tools in the picture. This way we’re closing the circle, thus creating a complete and secure environment as a service solution.

Roxana Ciobanu, CTO Bunnyshell

As an IaaS provider, it is essential that we can provide easy and scalable infrastructure management to our customers. To have Bunnyshell part of our ecosystem is of real value to our customers, and as Bunnyshell and UpCloud are both from the EU, we can meet the EU regulation needs of our growing European customer base.

Mikko Evinen, Partner Manager UpCloud

UpCloud + Bunnyshell: Get the Best Out of Both

Here’s why eCommerce websites should consider this solution:

Beat out your competitors with 2x performance

UpCloud is the best cloud provider in Europe, its performance on par with AWS EC2, Azure, DigitalOcean, Linode, and Vultr, but without the hefty price tag. On top of that, their block storage technology MaxIOPS gives you up to 2x the hosting performance and reliability of industry-standard SSD VPS hosting.

On top of this, Bunnyshell helps you to have a reliable infrastructure with features such as:

Provisioning/Configuration management

  • Install packages and configure them using Bunnyshell’s dashboard
  • Keep versions of your packages/services configuration
  • Ensure consistency on all web servers using Bunnyshell’s configuration management

Services Autohealing

  • Automatic service restart on failure
  • Notifications on service failure events


  • Daily encrypted backups for your databases, code, or static storage
  • Retention to up to 1 month
  • You can use Bunnyshell’s Object Storage for backups or connect your custom Backup Provider (AWS S3, Backblaze, or Wasabi)
  • Restore databases or data on your servers or clone them to another server

Log Aggregation

  • Centralize all application, server, and services logs in a single Kibana dashboard with customizable filters
  • The Kibana visualization solution and Elasticsearch storing solution is hosted on your cloud and managed by Bunnyshell


  • Bunnyshell has an Enhanced Monitoring feature that offers you a complete overview of all your servers and services
  • Metrics are held in an InfluxDB database hosted in your cloud and managed by Bunnyshell
  • You will have a specialized dashboard in your own hosted Grafana


  • You can add alarms from the Bunnyshell dashboard or more complex alarms from your Grafana instance

Changes Notification

  • Email notification for changes done to services, alarms, and failed/successful deployments
  • Customize notifications for users in your organization

You can see now how combining the two makes you invincible; no traffic spike can stop you.

Scale your infrastructure, keep your costs sustainable

Thanks to UpCloud’s proprietary storage technology, you can achieve ultra-fast response times. You can instantly add CPUs or storage with just one click, and the best part is you only pay for the hours you use - no need for upfront payment or investing in servers you only get to use a few times a year. 

Bunnyshell can help you further scale your resources up and down automatically during traffic spikes, so nothing takes your website down. Here’s how the autoscaling web servers feature works:

  • Bunnyshell implements manual and automatic scaling on UpCloud for your web servers
  • You scale on-demand based on CPU, RAM, or network 
  • Scaling is done quickly by using snapshots.

On top of that, there are a few more Bunnyshell features that make scaling your infrastructure (and business) easier:

Managed Load Balancers

  • Managed Load Balancer used for high traffic websites
  • All the load balancer functions are integrated with Bunnyshell application deployments
  • TCP/HTTP/HTTPS Health checks for the load-balanced instances
  • Ability to temporary remove instances from the load balancers manually or by doing rolling deployments
  • Managed Load Balancer firewall

Application Deployment

  • Deploy your application on your load-balanced servers with zero downtime using rolling deployments
  • Exports secrets and credentials to your applications securely using Bunnyshell’s use of Key Vaults
  • Add application build steps for preparing your applications and running tests before the release.

Customize your infrastructure to suit your needs

Whether you want to get started with a public cloud, set up your own private cloud, or create a hybrid cloud, UpCloud and Bunnyshell have you covered. You can seamlessly switch from one configuration to another without investing in your own hardware. You can also connect UpCloud to any other existing cloud infrastructure you’re using.

Keep your customers and infrastructure safe

Shared hosting can increase the risk of cybersecurity threats. To eliminate these threats, UpCloud offers data encryption, constant monitoring, and automated backups, and they also follow the N+1 philosophy. You can also keep all your resources in a physically isolated environment shared with no one else in a private cloud. 

Bunnyshell can also help here with

Authentication Management

  • Managed Bastion Server
  • SSH access management to your Bastion Server
  • Hardened Bastion Server

Managed Firewalls 

  • Bunnyshell manages firewalls on all your servers 
  • Easy whitelist desired ports and ips using the Bunnyshell dashboard.

Serve your customers everywhere, comply with European laws

With UpCloud, you’re not tied to a specific location, and you don’t need to maintain servers in different countries on your own. Thanks to their cloud network, you can access your data whenever you want from wherever you want.

You also don’t need to sacrifice loading speed if your customers are outside Europe. UpCloud is an EU company based in Finland that complies with GDPR and other European industry standards but has 12 data centers situated worldwide you can choose from depending on your needs.

Enable High Velocity Development

Breakaway from the inability to quickly deploy isolated environments of any specification.