What is EaaS and Why I Joined Bunnyshell

What is EaaS and Why I Joined Bunnyshell

Having worked with engineering leaders for a significant part of my career I’ve seen the challenges around managing environments. 2 out of 3 of the organizations I worked with had challenges keeping their test data consistent or setting their application at an initial state for automated testing purposes. As CEO, I was always wondering why each new developer spent days just setting up his environment. 

For those reasons when Bunnyshell, the market leader in Environment-as-a-Service, reached out to me it was music to my ears.

What is Environment-as-a-Service (EaaS) platform?

EaaS platform creates, manages and auto-updates preview environments, which are production replicas, for the purpose of development, testing, demo and deployment. Preview environments can be ephemeral environments, created with every pull request and torn down afterwards, or permanent environments for demo or private application deployments. By setting up identical preview environments throughout the development process you give the developers the tools to develop high quality code that has a higher likelihood of working throughout the development pipeline, without the overhead of managing environments. 

That’s easier said than done as today’s environments are complex and include not just microservices but also API gateways, cloud native services, datasets and more. Also each environment, development, testing or production, requires different configurations. All of that needs to be always up-to-date and available when needed, in a cost effective way

Why Bunnyshell?

A few things made the decision an easy one:

  • Very slick user experience. Integrate your cloud and git providers and you are done.
  • Holistic approach to environments - Understanding that environments include not just microservices but also API gateways, cloud native services, security policies and all of that can be across multi repositories and cloud providers.
  • Free version - A playground for individual developers and devops engineers to test-drive Bunnyshell. 
  • Phenomenal traction with 700% growth and dozens of customers with limited GTM efforts.
  • Driven, talented team. Amazingly collaborative culture. More about my first week at bunnyshell later one:-)

I saw an opportunity to take those attributes, blend them with my experience building scalable go-to-market organizations and taking DevOps products from individual developers to enterprise tools.

What’s next?

EaaS is a greenfield and for most companies the alternative is to hire a devops team and spend months doing that themselves. When we talk to prospects, they immediately see the value and the frustration from the current state is such that it typically takes a few days from the first discussion to implementation. 

We are looking to help more organizations release faster. To do that we are growing the team on all fronts: Sales, marketing, customer success, engineering. If you are interested in solving a big problem with a wide addressable market - Reach out to us here