Regain developer autonomy with self-service environments powered by Helm Charts

Developer productivity is critical to business success, yet in many organizations, it can take days - if not weeks - for developers to get development, staging, and preview environments they need to develop modern cloud-native applications. This slows down innovation and velocity and compromises developers' autonomy and experience. For example, developers cannot spin up environments on demand to run some tests independently and experiment with new technology. To tackle these problems, in this webinar, you will learn the following:

How to define an environment in Bunnyshell using your existing Helm Charts.

How to independently create on-demand development environments and code remotely without the need to manage local dockers or mock services.

How to create ephemeral environments automatically with every Pull Request and destroy them when you don't need them anymore.

Software Engineers

Regain autonomy, and experience an easy way to create and manage environments without the friction of working with operations teams to provisioning infrastructure, control environment builds, and set up deployment automation.


Get rid of managing tickets and duplicating work for pre-release environments so you can focus on optimizing system performance across the board and improving resource utilization.

Engineering Leads

Free your developers from infrastructure tinkering, give them autonomy, and allow Ops to move from tasks to strategy so you can deliver faster.