Deploy Testing Environments with Production-Like Data using Bunnyshell and Neon Serverless Postgres

In this webinar we explored the power of Bunnyshell and Neon in deploying production-like testing environments.

Bunnyshell, an Environment as a Service platform, enables developers to instantly spin up ephemeral environments on Kubernetes.

Neon provides a fully managed multi-cloud Postgres with a generous free tier, making it easy to launch serverless Postgres with a single command.

In this webinar, we'll walk you through deploying a Docker-Compose based application on Kubernetes as a sandbox environment, connect a Neon serverless Postgres data branch from a production database and automate all this with Github Actions in your Pull Requests.

After watching this video you’ll learn how to leverage modern tools to enhance your testing strategies and streamline your development process.

Stack: PostgreSQL, Node.js, React, Docker, Kubernetes