Speed Up Your End-to-End Testing with Bunnyshell Ephemeral Environments

What You Will Learn:

  • Introduction to Ephemeral Environments: Understand the concept of ephemeral environments and how they support a more dynamic and efficient testing framework.
  • Preview Environments at Pull Requests: Explore how Bunnyshell integrates with your CI/CD pipeline to automatically create environments for each pull request, allowing for immediate and isolated testing.
  • Manual Testing Enhancements: Learn how ephemeral environments simplify manual testing, providing testers with a clean slate for each test scenario without the overhead of setup and teardown.
  • Automated Testing with Playwright: Dive into automated testing strategies using Playwright in ephemeral environments. See how this setup accelerates development cycles and improves software quality through consistent, repeatable testing.
  • Live Demo: Experience a real-time demonstration of setting up and utilizing an ephemeral environment for both manual and automated testing.
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Bunnyshell supports you with access to remote development, properly isolated QA environments, and easy replication of full-stack environments. This will boost development productivity and shorten development cycles.

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The result of using Bunnyshell is a frictionless, self-service developer experience that eliminates waiting time, saves wasted resources, and offers the right capabilities to enable developers to ship software faster with as little overhead as possible.


Who Should Attend:

Developers, QA Engineers, DevOps Professionals, and Technical Managers interested in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their testing processes through innovative technologies.

Join us to discover how to streamline your end-to-end testing and enhance your development pipeline with Bunnyshell ephemeral environments. Gain insights into practical tools and strategies that reduce testing bottlenecks and lead to faster, more reliable releases.