Insights from Sylius: Accelerating Open Source eCommerce Development

How do you know if your engineering team is efficient at scale? Is modern CI/CD cloud tooling and DORA metrics enough? One of the best ways to find answers is by looking at successful open-source projects and how they operate, overcoming the challenges of remote work, asynchronous communication, and diverse global collaboration.


Amin, DevOps Engineer at Bunnyshell
Jacob Tobiasz, Software Engineer at Commerce Weavers and Sylius Core Team Member

What You'll Learn:

  • The challenges Sylius faced in their development and testing processes before adopting preview environments.
  • How Sylius integrated Bunnyshell’s preview environments into their workflow.
  • The technical setup and implementation of preview environments in an open-source eCommerce project.
  • The significant improvements in testing speed, deployment frequency, and overall development efficiency.
  • Feedback from the Sylius community and the impact on their collaborative efforts.
  • Future plans and enhancements for further optimizing eCommerce development with preview environments.
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Bunnyshell supports you with access to remote development, properly isolated QA environments, and easy replication of full-stack environments. This will boost development productivity and shorten development cycles.

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The result of using Bunnyshell is a frictionless, self-service developer experience that eliminates waiting time, saves wasted resources, and offers the right capabilities to enable developers to ship software faster with as little overhead as possible.


Software Engineers

Regain autonomy, and experience an easy way to create and manage environments without the friction of working with operations teams to provisioning infrastructure, control environment builds, and set up deployment automation.


Get rid of managing tickets and duplicating work for pre-release environments so you can focus on optimizing system performance across the board and improving resource utilization.

Engineering Leads

Free your developers from infrastructure tinkering, give them autonomy, and allow Ops to move from tasks to strategy so you can deliver faster.