Release at the Speed of Code

Full-stack production-like replicas on any cloud.

No managing docker locally.

Easy to share and isolate.

Instant GitOps. No more drift.

Any stack. All Environments. Automated

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What does Bunnyshell do?

Bunnyshell reduces the complexity of managing environments and enables developers to get back to building great products rather than worrying about how the machinery works.

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Full-Stack Product-like Environments

Combining application, infrastructure and database dependencies into a single environment template. Bunnyshell handles security policies, instant specific pointers, name-servers and ingress rules.

Ephemeral Environments in the Cloud

Short-term, single-purpose, easy to share environments, isolated to each PR. Bunnyshell takes care of the creation with every pull and tear-down with every merge-close.

Clone environments for QA, UAT and Demo

Clone any combination of environment through an API or through the UI with a single click. Takes seconds. No need for DevOps.

Remote Development

Develop and debug locally. Run environments remotely in your cloud. Share changes on the fly with colleagues. No need to re-build.

Application not Containerized? Need Private Application Deployment?
We Got You Covered with Additional DevOps Automation tools.

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Deploy your first application

Whether you have a simple static website or a complex (microservices with many cloud-native dependencies) application, you can quickly create a realistic replica of your production environment.

Alex Circei CEO Waydev

“We've made scaling our business's whole infrastructure more efficient and cost effective, decreased the hosting costs by over 80%, and allowed us to quickly scale.”

Alex Circei

Aurelian Motica CTO Gomag

“Since we started working with Bunnyshell we can focus more on developing our product, knowing that scaling our infrastructure will hardly be an issue.”

Aurelian Motica

Enable High Velocity Development

Breakaway from the inability to quickly deploy isolated environments
of any specification that holds you back in innumerable ways.

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